Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Update

Saturday started out kind of slow. Slept in a little, read a book and then just did a few things around the house. At 3:30, Beth and Kevin left for work.

A little after 5:00, Andy and I went next door for Alex's graduation party. They had a pig roast, and surprisingly, Andy liked it! It was good. We left the party about 6:45 and waited for Beth to get home from work to go back over. We went back over somewhere around 9:30. Andy enjoyed it more the second time because one of his friends was there. Beth enjoyed talking to a few people she hasn't seen in a while. I sat at a table with Donna, Nancy and Maureen. About 11:30, Beth left to pick Kevin up. After they got him, Beth and Kevin came over to the party. At about 1:45, Beth and I finally left the party, with Kevin and Andy coming home about 5 to 10 minutes later. Just as we were shutting things up for the night, we heard a load screech and then a bang. We all went running down the street afraid that it was someone who had left the party at Donna's. It was not, but it was a man who had been drinking and ran into a parked truck. The man ended up telling the police that he had been drinking alcohol in mixed drinks and he has no insurance. I'm sure he was very sorry about his mistake once he sobered up! We didn't get home from the scene of the accident until almost 3:00! I was supposed to make a birthday cake for Mother and Andy, but I was just too exhausted and it was too late.

On Sunday, Beth and I went to Meijer to get a cake and ice cream, along with birthday cards. I wasn't able to get Andy as much as I wanted, but explained to him that I would get him more once I get paid on the 15th. I will get Mother something then too. We did have a cookout of hamburgers and hot dogs. It was a beautiful day! After we ate, Andy opened his gifts and Mother opened her cards. Then we had cake and ice cream.

We watched The Next Food Network Star and the Food Network Challenge: Villian Cakes last night on the Food Network. They were both good. Now we are looking forward to watching Hell's Kitchen tonight.

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