Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Got my car back!!!

I was so glad to finally get my car back yesterday afternoon! It's awful to be without one. It was almost $280 to fix it, but at least it's running again.

Well my daughter Beth got her hair done last night. She ended up getting her hair dyed a dark brown, which is a big change from her normal blonde. It doesn't look bad though, and her hair looks really healthy. I get my hair cut tomorrow evening and I'm not sure what I'm going to do. My hair is now just past my shoulders, and I'm thinking of getting it cut shorter again. Something fun, but yet professional.

After Beth got home from getting her hair cut, we (Andy, Beth, Kevin and me) all went to the fireworks store because Andy and Kevin wanted some more fireworks. Andy got bottle rockets, aircraft carriers (boats with planes with firecrackers) and "little dynamite" firecrackers that can go in water. Kevin got the same, and also some strobe light things. They were really bright! On our way home, we picked up subs, pizza and bread from Marco's for dinner.

Today is Andy's first day out of school. He sure is glad that it's over! Now he gets to stay up late at night and sleep in the next morning.

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