Wednesday, June 04, 2008

8th Grade Graduation

Andy graduated from 8th grade Monday evening. The ceremony was held at the Maumee Indoor Theater. I was really surprised to see the concession stand open and selling things. The ceremony was nice. The three 8th grade classes each wrote a story, which one of the teachers read. The students' names were in the stories, and they had to stand up when their names were said. After the stories, there were some short speeches by a couple of teachers. After that the students were called one-by-one up on stage to get their middle school diploma. It was very hard to get pictures because it was very dark. After the ceremony, we took Andy to Bob Evans for dinner.

The past couple of days have been extremely busy at work. I can't wait until next Tuesday, because that is my first day of vacation. It will be nice to only have to work on Monday next week.

Tonight Happy Hour was on the CKMB. It was a lot of fun! I haven't been able to participate in a long time.

Tomorrow night is going to be fun because I'll be watching Ethan until Beth gets off work. He's such a little cutie! It's hard to believe that he is going to be 8 months old next week. He'll be a year old before we know it.

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  1. No fair, my DD graduated from 8th grade but they only had a ceremony for students who were on the deans list all year. What's up with that??


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