Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great Scrapping Weekend!

This past weekend (August 6 - 8), I went to a scrapping weekend with a bunch of my friends. I won the weekend for 12 at the Mega Meet. The others who went were: Wendy, Linda (Wendy's Mom), Sheila, Morgan (Sheila's daughter), Lorna, Chris, Laura, Sue and Lisa (Wendy's friend). We had a blast!!! Four of us (Wendy, Lorna, Chris and me) arrived Friday morning about 10 am. The others arrived throughout the day Friday, with Wendy's Mom arriving Saturday morning.

Friday night we went to Tietz's Restaurant for dinner. We had an entire room in the back to ourselves. The rest of the time, we ate the food that we brought. We had so much food left over!

Both nights Sheila and I stayed up the latest scrapping. Friday night we stayed up until 2:45 am and Saturday night we stayed up until 3:30 am. I woke up early Saturday (6:30 am) and Sunday (7:30 am).

We are planning on making this an annual trip, and will figure out something better for the food so we don't have so much.

I will post pictures later of the projects I completed.

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